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I don't usually know what to write about myself with Bios so here a few facts first.  I am a 33 year twice divorced mom of a 12 year old girl.  She is my world. What I love to most is sit at home and enjoy a book. Some of my favorite things are spaghetti, owls, the color yellow and animals.  I have 2 mini doxies and a cat a rescued from behind my work.  I love watching TV and really like my computer too.  

I started reading when I was 5 years old and pretty much never stopped.  I have always had a book in my hand since I can remember.  I am a series girl because I like to see the storyline continue and to see what the other characters have been doing.  My first series ever was The Babysitters Club, I had them all.  When I got older I started with RL Stine and Christopher Pike and that I would say, is where I found the love for paranormal.  

I never knew how many people enjoyed PNR books until I found Literal Addiction and met some amazing people!  LA has shown me so many authors I never heard of and I just love it!  I am a member of 50+ street teams for authors.  We help spread the word on their work.  Which is why I wanted to create my own blog.  Authors love when you share their work, rate the books and just put the word out there. 

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About Charity

Ok where to start I guess I can start with the facts, I am 29 years old, I have been married to my high school sweet heart for 12 years and we have an amazing 12 year old son. I am currently a full time student working on my Bachelors in Business Management with a few certificates in Literature along the way, my most important job is and always will be; mom. I also hold a position with Literal Addiction Paranormal Book Club, I hold the title Emissary, which means I do a lot of the behind the scenes stuff and go by the name of Bewitching Bella on that site. I am currently Co-admining 10 Street Teams and I am an active member on over 45 others. I hold a very close relationship with several authors that I call my friends. I hope that my ever growing resume has qualified me to be a helpful reviewer to Bookish Babbles followers.

A little back story with my love of reading, I didn’t have a very traditional upraising so at 15 I was left in a very dark place in a room that was filled with nothing but my fear and BOOKS!!! I mean wall to wall books, stacked in the most unorganized way. I picked one up one day that helped me escape the never ending hell I was in. That book was a historical romance by an author named Johanna Lindsey. From there I read every book by this author in that room and then moved onto others. I know at 15 what was I doing reading something rated R, well I didn’t see it that way, I read about women that  struggled through hardships, that no matter what the hardships were the feelings were so similar to what I felt that I needed to see them overcome their obstacles and fight for their freedom.  The stories gave me strength. After finding my own freedom and my price charming, my love for the worlds created by authors still continued. After another dark time in my life I was introduced to the world of Paranormal Romance and I fell in love all over again with reading.  And the rest is still being written in my book of life.

What I tend to read, mostly series. I like knowing that when the book is over I get to look forward to seeing the characters I just fell in love with in future books. I do tend to break up all the full length novels with novellas. I am drawn to anything that bites, howls or goes bump in the night. I will switch it up and read a mystery or historical romance sometimes.

I have an ever growing collection of author and book swag, and I’m very proud of my growing collection of personally signed books from my favorite authors.

Random things, I LOVE PIZZA!!! No matter what it always makes me feel better, I have a love hate relationship with a video game called World of Warcraft, and I am not girly in any way and hate shopping. I love driving in my car with Evanescence, Mudvayne, Killswitch Engage or Pantera playing on full blast. I love crime dramas just to list a few I can watch over and over again; Criminal Minds, Law & Order, NCIS and CSI. There are so many more but to list them all would be crazy. I also can’t live without Trueblood or Vampire Diaries. And I could go on forever about my love affair with Game of Thrones.  I curse like a pirate and drink like a sailor and refuse to discuss politics or religion with anyone. I have 4 cats and want more. One thing not a lot of people know about me is that I have an amazing voice and still dream of becoming a singer, but I can’t sing in front of people, I get nervous and then sound like a dying cat. 

My favorite saying that I have on my front door is:
“ Dance as though no one is watching, Love as though you have never loved before, Sing as though no one is listening, Live as though there is no tomorrow”

Thanks for following my reviews, and as always Happy Reading J
Charity Costa

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