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I saw this book and the cover had me excited to pick it up to read the back!  I read the synopsis on the back and was like alright I NEED this book.
I must say that I had this book read in 4 hours and it was full of love, action, sex and greatness!  Jemma has a plan to seduce her best friend Griffin but doesn’t know that when this happens a whole chain of events are going to change her life for good.  Not only does the seduction happen but Jemma finds out after, that she is a witch and her BFF/lover is her familiar.  Not only that but she has a voodoo queen after her and started a zombie apocalypse.
This book had me from the very beginning to the very end and I highly recommend it!  Out of 5 Stars I give Jodi Redford 5 Stars!!

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